Forbes Top 100 Highest-Paid Celebrities list!

This year’s Forbes top 100 Highest-paid celebrities list is showing to public recently.

As the biggest boxing fight in the world in this year, Floyd and Manny nailed the first and second place of the list respectively.

Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour gave her a very generous income and made her to be the third place of the list. And also she ‘s on the cover of Forbes magazines. “I am proud of my position as a boss, as a person that runs my own company…I’m an entrepreneur… I don’t want to shy away from it. I actually want to kind of grab it by its balls.” Katy Perry said.

Here is the Top 10 List:

1. Floyd Mayweather ($300 million) Athletes

2. Manny Pacquiao ($160 million) Athletes

3. Katy Perry ($135 million) Musicians

4. One Direction ($130 million) Musicians

5. Howard Stern ($95 million) Personalities

6. Garth Brooks ($90 million) Musicians

7. James Patterson ($89 million) Authors

8. Robert Downey Jr. ($80 million) Actors

9. Taylor Swift ($80 million) Musicians

10. Cristiano Ronaldo ($79.5 million)  Athletes

Product Placement in the movie “Fast and Furious 7″

The movie “Fast and Furious 7″ could be the most success movie in 2015, and the franchise has earned plenty of additional dough from product placement. Let’s see what product placements are there in the movie.

  1. Jaguar

Type: Audiovisual, Active.

At the beginning of the movie, Jason Statham drove Jaguar to leave after he blow up the hospital. A British men drives a British car, it’s classic.


  1. Corona

Type: Audiovisual, Active.

Never forget what Dom said in the movie, “You can have any brew you want… As long as it’s a Corona.”


  1. Under Armour

Type: Visual, Active.

The Rock always wear the same shirt but he never talked the name of the shirt in the movie.


  1. Dodge Charger

Type: Audiovisual, Active.

Dodge Charger extends partnership with Fast 7, you can see Charger as the main line of the Dom’s ride in the whole movie.


  1. The Lykan Hypersport

Type: Audiovisual, Active.

One of the fastest car in the world and Dom drives it to fly cross 2 buildings in the movie.


  1. Christian necklace

Type: Audiovisual, Active.

One of the story line in the movie, maybe it’s not a brand product but it does increase the sells after the movie.


  1. Song “See You Again”

Type: Audio, Passive.

This song became the no.1 in the billboard after the movie came out. Rest in peace Paul.

  1. Maserati Ghibli

Type: visual, Active.

One of the Jason’s ride in the movie, a great race fight in the movie.


  1. Aston Martin DB9

Type: visual, Active.

Also Jason’s ride and came out the end of the movie.


  1. Subaru Impreza WRX STi

Type: visual, Active.

Actually Subaru is not the first time showing up in the Fast series movie. It’s one of the director’s favorite car.