Forbes Top 100 Highest-Paid Celebrities list!

This year’s Forbes top 100 Highest-paid celebrities list is showing to public recently.

As the biggest boxing fight in the world in this year, Floyd and Manny nailed the first and second place of the list respectively.

Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour gave her a very generous income and made her to be the third place of the list. And also she ‘s on the cover of Forbes magazines. “I am proud of my position as a boss, as a person that runs my own company…I’m an entrepreneur… I don’t want to shy away from it. I actually want to kind of grab it by its balls.” Katy Perry said.

Here is the Top 10 List:

1. Floyd Mayweather ($300 million) Athletes

2. Manny Pacquiao ($160 million) Athletes

3. Katy Perry ($135 million) Musicians

4. One Direction ($130 million) Musicians

5. Howard Stern ($95 million) Personalities

6. Garth Brooks ($90 million) Musicians

7. James Patterson ($89 million) Authors

8. Robert Downey Jr. ($80 million) Actors

9. Taylor Swift ($80 million) Musicians

10. Cristiano Ronaldo ($79.5 million)  Athletes